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Win $500 In The www.tellthebell.com Taco Bell Survey

Would you like to win $500 cash? Taco Bell is offering it’s customers the opportunity to win $500 cash by taking part in the Taco Bell online customer survey at www.tellthebell.com and takes only a few minutes and helps Taco Bell understand what customers like and don’t like about their products, services and stores.

Taco Bell is a very large and popular food chain which sells inexpensive food products such as tacos, burritos and drinks. With over 6,000 stores Taco Bell is catering to a massive number of customers on a daily basis. To ensure that they are providing the best service and products that they can they need to hear from their customers. Share you experience with Taco Bell and be in with a chance to win $500 cash.

Win $500 In The Taco Bell Survey


1. A computer or similar device for accessing the internet.
2. An internet connection.
3. A store receipt from a recent purchase made at a Taco Bell outlet.


Win $500 Taco Bell Survey | www.tellthebell.com


1. On your computer type the following URL into your web browser: www.tellthebell.com
2. When the page opens you will see that you can choose to complete the survey in English or Spanish.
3. Select your chosen language.
4. Next, you will need to enter the 16 digit survey code located on your store receipt.
5. Then click ‘Start’.
6. Over the next following pages you will be asked a series of questions relating to your recent visit to a Taco Bell store. Answer these questions truthfully and accurately.
7. After you have completed the survey questions you will be asked to provide some personal details and contact information.

Complete the Taco Bell www.tellthebell.com survey to win $500. The survey will take only a few minutes. Keep in mind that the answers you give will be used to better Taco Bell products and services. The information that you provide at the end of the survey are for contact purposes only if you win $500 cash at Taco Bell.

Report A Problem With The www.tellthebell.com Customer Feedback Survey



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  1. Ok on the slip the guy from Taco Bell gave us with sight it clearly states no purchase necessary but when I go into the sight I have to have receipt . ??????????whats with this

  2. Everything was excellent. As I typed in the responses it would clear before finishing the survey. Very annoying..

  3. I am 74-I go to taco bell at least 1 time weekly.I go to Caro or Lapper Mi. Would you folks be intersted in advertising on my bright red 04 Malabu xl ? I live within 7 miles of 5 small, but not to small towns. linda

  4. johnny colunga jr.

    We have a new Taco Bell at 2816 Hwy. 365 in Nederland. The Bell has not been added by the door. Are you not adding the Bell in your new Taco Bells? I thought the bell was a great idea of letting the employees know that I was pleased with there service.

  5. your employees at this address are not polite,in some stores,when I requested a sauce, they always forget & get pissed off when I know they didn’t include a sauce! when I open my food to eat, it all falls into my lap! I have been eating at your tacobell locations for the last 15 years at least once a day, thefore, please train the well so I can eat comfortable!

  6. I received excellent service by an employee name anika rich,she was very kind,friendly and helpful to me there need to be more emplyees like her.

  7. Thanks Anika Rich for your excellent service and professionalism during my visit at Taco Bell…

  8. I’ll be back Anika Rich to get in your line at Taco Bell, your service ethics were great……

  9. I go to the taco bell at Euless, main, and the young lady working named Julia was just a doll. She was attentive, polite, and had amazing customer service skills. She went beyond and above to make sure all the customers were well takin care of. This girl needs some recognition for her work ethics and charming personality. I will definitely be coming back to this taco bell.

  10. Taco bell in Titusville is very clean.Awesome staff also, The assist. Manager Vaneesa was very polite and helpful..She seemed to make a very impressive team leader, very dedicated to her career at Taco Bell.More people in the food industry should be like her. Good luck to a promising career, she is an very wonderful asset to Taco Bell. My husband and I will be back. Food was very good too.

  11. Okay I’ve read all the crud and there’s no way of even starting the chance/win/survey…
    So quit wasting my time with your geeky, stupid programs. I don’t think I will ever eat
    at Taco Bell again after this B.S.

  12. I wasn’t able to enter the $500 Cash Sweepstakes. The computer I am using block the download! If you want customers to answer a survey it shouldn’t be difficult?

  13. I was not able to enter the $500 cash sweepstakes. Some how the site “froze” on me. If this is a promotional tool, please make this site available. I eat at the Taco Bell at least 3 times a month. I normally order the ” steak chalopa” Many times when I have ordered it, the bread wrap is cold. Could this wrap be a little warmer? However the staff at my visits have been very nice and helpful. I am a senior citizen and do appreciate the complimentary drink with my meal.

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