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McDonald’s Feedback Tell Us About Your Visit

Receive a validation code to get free McDonald’s or a discount on McDonald’s products when you participate in the www.mcdvoice.com McDonald’s Feedback Tell Us About Your Visit online customer survey. McDonald’s are in need of customer feedback. Being the largest fast food chain worldwide McDonald’s need to stay on top of their game with the quality of their products, stores and services.

By participating in the McDonald’s online customer survey you are providing them with valuable feedback and ideas on how to keep their customers happy and returning to their stores. Taking this very easy and quick to do survey allows you as the customers to have a say in what you like or don’t like about McDonald’s restaurants.

McDonald’s Feedback Tell Us About Your Visit Survey


1. A computer, tablet, laptop or another similar device.
2. A connection to the internet.
3. A receipt from a recent purchase at a McDonald’s restaurant.


McDVoice Survey | www.mcdvoice.com


1. Open your favorite web browser and type the following website address in: www.mcdvoice.com.
2. When the page opens you will be asked to enter the following details:
3. The store number where you made your purchase. This information is on your receipt.
4. The KS number. This is also on your receipt. See the image for details.
5. The date of your visit.
6. The time of your visit.
7. Your order number.
8. Then you need to put in the amount you spent.
9. Then click ‘Next’.
10. If you wish to complete the survey in Spanish you can select that option here.
11. On the pages that follow you will be asked questions regarding your recent visit to a McDonald’s Restaurant. The questions will be about how you felt about various aspects of the service you received, the products and the atmosphere of the venue.
12. You should answer all the questions as honestly as you can even if your experience was not a positive one.
13. When you have completed the survey you will be given a validation code. Write that code on your receipt.

You have now completed the www.mcdvoice.com survey. The next time you visit a McDonald’s restaurant take your old receipt with the validation code written on it and present it to the McDonald’s employee when making your order and you will receive free McDonald’s or a discount on McDonald’s items for taking part in the McDonald’s online customer survey.

Recent Feedback Reports:

Name: Daisy
Store Location: Inglewood
State: CA
Date: March 3, 2014
Subject: Terrible coffee
Feedback Report:

I went there for a cup of favored coffee, and as usually, the machine was not working. So I asked for regular coffee and it tasted like Epson Salt water. I took it back to the counter and asked for another cup believing it was just old coffee, but the second cup was just as bad. I added lots of cream and sugar but nothing changed that terrible taste. I have tasted a lot of coffee and never in my 61 years none that tasted like that. I have also notice that depending on the area you are in dictates the freshness and taste of the food. In the minority neighborhoods the biscuits are extremely salty, the sausage is greasy. We should not have to receive any worst food than any one else, ALL MONEY IS GREEN.

Name: kayla
Store Location: 7500 pulaski highway
State: maryland
Date: 05/08/14
Feedback Report:

I ordered 2 sweet teas and a large m & m mcflurie. I sat there for about 10 minutes waiting in line then they gave me my teas they were fine (finally) then I waited another 2 minutes for my mcflurie and I received the smallest cup and halfway filled with icecreamwith literly probably about 5 m& ms. I went back around and showed the lady she gave me a dirty look with an attitude. Told me to park and wait. I literly parked and watched her make it and I sat there another 10 minutes then finally received another mcflurie with a couple more m&ms & still berly any icecream. Never will I go here again and its sad I have to travel now. Please let your employees know just because you put a couple m&ms on top of the icecream dont mean its a mcflurie. I tried to take a picture but my phone was dead. Literly no exaggeration.

Name: Deborah Holtz
Store Location: Store:18447
State: Walnut Exit
Date: 06/04/14
Subject: Disappointed
Feedback Report:

Dear Steve Lener owner of the Mcdonalds at the Walnut Exit,

On June 4,2014, I took my grandsons to mcdonalds for lunch.there was one car ahead of us and no one behind us, my boys are big eaters. We placed an order of 2 Big Mac combos, 3 prem mcwraps, and 2big kids meals. The time we placed our older was 1:31 pm and got our drinks and was asked to pull ahead. I don’t mind waiting most of the time. At 1:40 a lady came out and said they were waiting on the chicken for the wraps it will be 4 mins. Gave me 2cards for a free sandwich. Finally at 1:58 she brought out our food to us with 3more cards. Seriously waiting almost an half hour for our food and spending $34.95, I could of just as we’ll taken them across the driveway to Emma Jeans. I feel your staff new they screwed up by giving me 5 cards. Seriously 10 vehicles went through the drive thru whilie we were waiting. I know Steve would not like to know this is how they are treating the local people at Walnut, yes I know you store gets a lot of interstate customers but walnut helps support that store during the down months. I,m very disappointed from our trip to mcdonalds and I don’t like spending my money and getting the shaft, I and my husband don’t even like Big Macs. This was suppose to be an enjoyable meal for my grandsons and myself and we all left disappointed. As for the food the French fries were cold and the double cheese burgers were cold, if l would of went back in the store to complain about our cold food it might of gotten pretty ugly! I want you know this isn’t the first time we have been screwed going Thursday your drive thur. If you want to contact me X XXX XXXX XXXX!

Name: jane mills
Store Location: salisbury
State: nc
Date: july 5, 2014
Subject: need help to enter receipt
Feedback Report:

your system will not let me enter info from my receipts for the free burgers. I have several receipts.

McDonald's Feedback Tell Us About Your Visit mcdvoice.com www.mcdvoice.com



    I went to the http://www.mcdvoice.com survey to register my receipt & the survey is not coming up on the website to obtain a validation code.

  2. Kendall Stephenson

    How stupid can the people of a costumer surrey/sweepstakes department for a store be? When I couldn’t take the survey in english I was thinking maybe you only wanted spanish speakers to win so you only excepted surveys in spanish. I tried to do it in spanish and it didn’t work. You need to fire the junks that set up your survey and sweepstakes. Tell me where they live and I will torch their house.

  3. When I click onto the survey, I can’t get it to do it. This is not the first time this happened

  4. Timothy L. Trowbridge

    What I need to do ?

  5. Harold J Michaletz

    You are not capable of doing survey and you cannot call you by telephone. It appears that you are going under with not able contact, unable to read ticket/receipt.Also discontinuing menu items. You seem to be wasting your money remodeling places and then going to h— in hand basket.Oh well, I guess improvement is not needed from a person who enjoys some of your food, when its available. We may try to enjoy more if you don’t close shop suddenly.

  6. Emilie Phillips

    This is the second Promo that I can’t fill out.

  7. I am very dissapointed with McDonald’s charging an extra 50 cents if asking for 3 sauces now. I have never paid for the 3rd sauce in all the years we have been having your food. I doubt I will be going back being I got very annoyed about it. I was at your store #10314 tonight June 19th around 5:40pm. I think you charge enough for all the food we buy I think its crazy if we ask for 1 extra sauce to be charged for it. But you can give away extra soda? hmmm..Anyway I had to write being I was very pissed about this. Sincerely Loretta DAmico.

  8. Elizabeth McDaniel

    can’t use survey website for McDonald’s coupon

    Website either isn’t working or it is the most difficult website to navigate I’ve ever seen! I have 2 receipts I’m trying to give a survey to – one dated June 8 and the other June 12. I have tried repeatedly to send in the survey so I can receive validation codes. Please help —– or can this survey be done by phone?!

  9. darlene holland


  10. I tried this morning to take your survey online for the first time and the last because its a waste of time the website don’t work and if you have to pay the workers more money than I can’t imagine what you paid the tech geeks to put a website together that don’t let you respond. Store number 20894 at 13:53 July 29 your service was fast and friendly, but cold fries was the price we paid and then when visiting this web site that don’t work Priceless!!!!

  11. what the heck!you need a recite why do you need a recite we mostly throw them away this is a get over .

  12. I’m so happy to comment on the mc Donald coffee , because I always have to have a cup. I usually have a medium sized with 6 creams and 6 sugars, it gives you a drive to do everything you need to get done. Someone say you have got to get mc Donalds coffee

  13. When u in a drive threw the never give you a strawwhen you are waiting for your drink instead the put it in the bag not thinking its hot outside!!!!

  14. Was a good experiences. Was Fresh.

  15. Was very good experience. Was Fresh.

  16. I’m not writing to complain…. but It would be nice to know when I place my order and wait in the long line that you are out of something until I have paid … and driven to the next window and then explained to and offered something different. My suggestion would be to have a quick meeting or huddle at the beginning of the shifts and talk about the “plan for the day” Communication on such things will make for a happy customer. I realize things happen, but this is the 3rd time within a month. I go to McDonalds aprox 3 times a week for breakfast . This time I requested my money back and went to sonic. Thanks

  17. my last two visits at your mcdonalds have been awfull, they completely get my order wrong. i have made my last trip there until you can get some slightly responsible people who can at least make a half ass atempt to try and get a order right

  18. Very ,very good service . they know what i always order supervisers are very friendly thanks for the good service.

  19. Cuero, Texas has one of the best McDonalds we have ever visited. The food has always had a good, fresh taste and these people know the meaning of FAST food and friendly service. The only negative comment I have is that they have outgrown their small parking area.

    One suggestion for all the McDonalds out there—–to save time in the drive-thru, give us another menu board to study and plan our order while we’re waiting in line to order.

  20. Ordered at the drive thru, paid at the frist window and received my order at the second window. Took less than 5 minutes, just the way I like it.

  21. So how do I get to the survey? Can’t figure it out. What’s wrong with your website????

  22. Your web site sucks can’t even get it to take survey. Garbage!!!!!!

  23. McDonalds must not be owned by anybody who cares anymore, as they are falling down really bad with there care factor!!! service all over the USA is getting really crappy in all McDonalds

  24. Of course it wont let me fill out the form. I went to store 22710. I don’t understand why they can’t get an order right. It’s not like they make fancy difficult food. I also find it annoying that when they pull a cup for drinks they find it necessary to grab the cup from the rim.

  25. Every time I go the the McDonalds close to my work there is a male who works the drive through. He is so courteous, kind and always happy. Goes out of his way to please customers. Store number is #12407 and his name is Reno. He is an amazing employee and I feel he should be recognized.

  26. Very friendly at drive thru,one of the fastest in area. Free coffee is great although I normally drink large .

  27. Worst survey I have ever seen. Can not get to the survey. Was going be report a McDonaod’s store with horrible service and cleaniness problems. But since they have a problem with their website I don’t think they care to improve their business anyway.

  28. I was deeply disappointed in the remodeling of the Oak Brook McDonalds. The warm atmosphere is gone, replaced by a vast white, bland interior. For the small children, they will miss Mr. McBurger’s entertainment.

  29. Went to McDonalds in Schoolcraft, MI for ice cream. Ordered one cone and one dish, as we do often. Did not get advertised price but did not challenge it.
    We were served two cones, one of which was turned upside down and stuffed into a sundae dish after paying $2.12.
    “What is THAT?”
    “What you ordered?”
    A manager, or at least someone in apparent authority, entered and whispered to the young lady in the drive thru window. A moment later we were handed a tiny portion of soft serve in a bigger dish with a cap on it.
    “Have a nice day”, and she closed the glass.
    It tasted good as usual. So much for Schoolcraft. Tnx ~ M

  30. I’m trying, but when I click on START nothing happens. And it was a major PAIN to even reach that point. Suggestions: fix your survey(sounds like I’m not alone i this!!) and have people listen to requests when you give your order. It’s a rare joy when you get what you ordered!!

  31. Marilyn Slesinski

    I am writing to let you know of my undesirable experience at a Mc Donald’s this morning located at 200 Boyd , La Porte, Indiana. store # 16002
    I told the female employee at the counter that I wanted an egg and sausage BREAKFAST. She asked me if I wanted a muffin or biscuit. I thought that strange, but not having been to this particular location before I told her biscuit. My order was handed to me as sausage and egg ON a biscuit.
    I told her that is not what I ordered and she commenced arguing with me that I order a number 6. I did not say anything about number 6, I said breakfast. She insisted that I did. I was not about to go there with her, said “you know, it doesn’t matter” and walked away. The other person standing at the counter told me the employee made a snide comment after I left.
    These employees are your first line of representation and when they cop an attitude I for one do surely not want to return to that location.
    Thank you for your time.

  32. I somehow can’t get into the survey! I don’t know what is the problem.

  33. very good fries

  34. # 1

  35. I can’t figure what this is all about. I’m just trying to get a validation # for a free egg mc muffin. Go back to having this done on the phone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. It was a very nice experience, food was hot, and the service was friendly.

  37. been trying for the lst half hour to enter my information on my receipt to receive a Free Apple Pie and have been unable to do it. The pie would have been anice treat with my coffee. Oh well!

  38. I stopped buying your fish sandwich, since they only put a small dab of tartar sauce on it, when I ask them to put more, they say there will be a $35 cent charge for it. Didnt use to charge for extra sauce. I like lots of tartar sauce on my fish sandwich. Bummer!!

  39. Don’t need to worry about getting a free Big Mac since you can’t fill out the information needed.

  40. The food was served hot, and was quick considering I was in the drive thru line. Last but not least, my food was freshly made!

    Form won’t go through
    October 16, 2014 08:51 KS# 13

  41. Your survey form does not allow you to enter any comments about any visits, or to obtain a validation code, or to enter your store receipt information. From the review comments, I learn that I am not the only person having problems. I suggest that you fire the Promotions Manager. As for me, I intend to go to Hardees from now on. If you wanr to verify that, I will be glad to give you my Hardees receipt information. Goodbye.

  42. I didn’t have a problem in getting served. The person taking my order was friendly.

  43. I. I posted my feed back. The reception in the restaurant was warm and friendly. In about four minutes my order was ready. Hot and the tea was sweet just like I like it.

  44. McDonald”s in Egg Harbor,nj is the worst ever. Especially when Ursaline James is working. That woman completlly ignornes me even when I am the only customer at the counter. This am she didn’t even ask me if I wanted decaf or regular coffer she just poured! Never spoke to me at all!! that”s how it always is.I have complained on the survey pg before but nothing ever happens. Oh well guess that’s the way it goes over there?

  45. love mc. donald perfect 10 all the way around

  46. Dorothy Merriweatehr

    Today I went to McDonald on 4002 University Drive, Huntsville, AL 35816 to get lunch. I ordered a Double Cheeseburger meal. The fries was cold and old, couldn’t even chew them, Double Cheeseburger was cold and the cheese was just slapped on there not meted. This was the worst lunch I have had in a long time coming from McDonald. I called the store to complain. I was told to come back, but I was already at work and could not return.. Employees should be trained not to serve customers any kind of food because we are paying our money for fresh food.

  47. bad service at Marion N.C. store 12108 not watching what she was doing, no straws, no katchup, fries were cold and greases ,not good. spent too much money for that food.

  48. Today I was served by Dylan at the McDonalds at 1676 Taylor Road, Port Orange, Florida, 32124-6753 , store# 15630.
    He was an amazing young man. He was very polite and very helpful. I ordered my husbands meal then mine. Then
    I realized that I did not ask for no tartar sauce so I asked him. He said,”Just a minute mam” and he ran from the cash to the kitchen to change the order. When he returned he said, ” Here is your husband’s dinner, mam, I will bring yours to the table. They are remaking it” I said,” Oh, I could have taken it off myself.” He said, “That is not necessary. We like to prepare it just the way you like it. That is not a problem.” When I went to get my napkins, he arrived with my sandwich. My hands were full. He carried it to my table. I was impressed. I told the supervisor. He suggested I fill out this comment. I hope after all this effort, I needed help, Dylan gets thanked for his service.

  49. This is the 1st time im doin this survey , but it would b nice if the receipt was LEGIBLE!!!!!!

  50. Service was quick and uneventful

  51. My McDonalds is w/in 1/2 mile from where I live. Everyone knows us by first name. We visit this location 3 or 4 times weekly. Service is good inside or at the drive-up.

  52. Could not type information on your survey. Posted a comment yesterday and it was nowhere to be found. Store# 11237, KS# 1, Nov.05’14 (wed), 13:37, KVS Order 19, $3.50.

    Send me a Validation Code via email.

  53. Trying to enter receipts and get validation code. Am having a problem doing this, need help.

  54. mer#95981902
    16 Nov 2014 15:11

    With your new menu, did you take the pictures of your items off the cash register jeys. Thats the only way I figure I can order a double bacon burger without cheese and get a bacon chicken sandwhich. And, she over charged me. I was on the way to work and didnt discover the error until I was at work. I checked the receipt and sure enough she did key in the chicken sandwhich. She couldn’t find the bacon burger key. Oh well, back to Wendy’s. Its a little further out of the way but they get my order right!

  55. Yes I believe the McDonald’s located at 1711 E. Speedway BLVD. is the best McDonald’s in the Tucson ,Az
    area that I have been in & here is the reason why because Norma is the best Manager at McDonald’s & she
    works to be the best at what she does from correcting order takers ,to correcting grill orders & yet she doesn’t get any support from the co-workers.

  56. I love going to McDonalds good service, good food and the people are very nice.

  57. So how do I get into your survey something is wrong with your website. I’ve taking survey before & I’ve never hade this much trouble before. Could not complete the survey. Thank u.

  58. Last two Saturdays at store 13619 we had to wait 20-30 minutes to get decaf coffee. Mgr was very frowny and did not say thank you or such. Have been goingt here several years & errors occur about 50 % of time. Worse last month or two. Got refund & went elsewhere..Mgr kept recipt so I cant use your format above

  59. Its not hard people, folow directions edited on reciept and answer questions, got my validation code and redeemed no problem at all!

  60. I went to the Mc Donald in Houston location 6330 N.Eldridge Pky
    door was lock before time. Employees were drinking on front counter to end this disaster the manage threw the fries away, but lick her finger when she finish one off . I will not go to this location again they play around don’t want to take the order then give you the wrong meal.

  61. Service was very lousy. I ordered 2 big mac’s & a couple orders med fries, 14 min later I got 1 order of fries and then I got my 2 big mac’s. I checked my receipt and wasn’t charged for the 2d order of fries though. I don’t have a printer, so I can’t copy anything. I used to get my food in five minutes a few years ago and had good service.

  62. I have tried to get on the surrey to get a free burger or mcmuffin . can not get on after 3 tries I am quiting not worth it!!!!!!!

  63. your website isn’t working so I can’t get the validation code for the free offer. Why offer if you aren’t going to fix the website to allow feedback?

  64. I could not get into the survey. Not sure what is the problem. Am I still entitled to the bogo free Quarter Pounder with cheese or the Egg McMuffin? Please notify me through my email. Thanks

  65. I could not make the website work. the store

    I could not make it work. The store number was 16231 date was Jan. 6th 2015. They got the order wrong. just wanted sandwhich an got a meal. The KS# 3 order #352 Amount spent was 15.42 Please email me totell me you got the comment

  66. The staff of the McDonald’s that I go to is pretty fast with getting out the orders, especially the drive thru. The food is always hot and the restaurant inside is clean and neat. So far, compared to your competitors (jack in the box, wendy’s, burger king), your’s is still the best.

  67. left a comment on 1/9/15 11:40 pm. How the heck do I get my validation code ? Been trying to figure this out for three days now.

  68. 01-16-2015 at 9:12 pm I ordered 20 pc McNuggets , 1 large fry , 2 McChicken , 1 ApplePie .
    When I got home I was shorted on my order. I received 14 McNuggets one box with 10 and
    the other box with 4 and no fry’s ! ( why ) they were not busy , One car in the drive thru that was me.
    Parking lot pretty much empty .
    I am very disappointed . have not had this problem at Wendy’s . they are closer to me than McDonald’s
    are. This was the second time at this store .
    McDonald’ store #590 at 6002 100TH ST SW LAKEWOOD WASHINGTON 98499 . KS#13
    I know . (my fault for not checking) I am a senior citizen watching my pennies and I’ll tell you now
    I will check everything in my order before I move , know mater how long it takes .
    CAN’T GET TO THE SERVEY Very Unhappy.

  69. What is going on with getting a validation code for free quarter pounder with cheese or egg mcmuffin
    Would love to tell you about my visit which was good.

  70. store # 16288 I buy food five out of seven days. My favorite product is Iced Mocha and they make it very well in the morning. The young ladies that work from 6-12 during the weekdays are very pleasant, very efficient and very quick to get the food and drinks to the drive-in window.
    One young lady whose name, I believe, is Melissa, is especially efficient, does the work needed but still makes time to say Good Morning and say some extra kind words.
    When I think of trying some other place for breakfast or lunch, depending on my schedule, I always end up going back to McDonalds because of the workers.

  71. I always have very good service at McDonalds. The morning staff is great when I stop in for my morning coffee. Mary Layton is a fabulous manager. Thank You for the great service.

  72. I have tried to fill out the survey information to receive a free 1/4 pounder and the webpage will not allow me to insert the info.

  73. Tried getting in to your survey several times and can’t do!!!!!
    What gives? We’ve spent 45 minutes on it and it isn’t worth it!!!!

    Why advise something that isn’t working? Just to get a CODE!!

    Disgusted to say the least.

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