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Get 2 Free Tacos In The www.jacklistens.com Jack In The Box© Survey

Follow these very easy, step by step instructions and receive 2 free tacos in the www.jacklistens.com Jack In The Box customer survey. Jack In The Box is a major fast food chain with stores across the US, Canada and the District Of Columbia. Their products range from specialty sandwiches, salads, chicken nuggets, hamburgers, ice cream, shakes, tacos etc. A few of the Jack In The Box signature burgers are the Sourdough Jack and the Ultimate Cheeseburger.

By participating in the Jack In The Box online customer survey you are helping Jack In The Box improve its stores, products and services. Customer feedback is very important to large businesses as it helps them to stay on top of their game and give the customers what they want therefore keeping them happy and keep them coming back for more. Jack In The Box gathers all the information it’s customers provide in the online survey and use it to improve their services. Simply follow the instructions below and you will get 2 free tacos at Jack In The Box.

Get 2 Free Tacos In The Jack In The Box Survey


1. A computer, laptop or similar device for accessing the internet.
2. An internet connection.
3. A recent store receipt.
4. A working email address.


2 Free Tacos Survey | www.jacklistens.com


1. Open up your favorite web browser and type www.jacklistens.com into the address bar.
2. As soon as the page opens click on the ‘Continue’ button.
3. Next, type in the 11 digit store code. You will find this on your receipt. See the image above.
4. You will need to ensure that you complete this survey within 3 days of making your purchase at Jack In The Box.
5. On the next screen you will be asked to verify the location of the store you visited.
6. Then click the red arrow.
7. Next enter the date and time of your visit. You will also find this on your store receipt.
8. Then select whether you made your purchase dine in, drive thru or carry out, then click the red arrow to continue.
9. Over the next few pages you will be asked a series of questions about your visit to Jack In The Box.
10. Rate these questions according to your experience.
11. Be as honest as you can even if your experience was not a good one.
12. You have to write the validation code down on your store receipt and take it to a Jack In The Box store within 7 days and use it with your next purchase.

Once you have finished the www.jacklistens.com survey questions you will be asked to provide some contact information so that Jack In The Box can send you the validation code for your 2 free tacos. Taking part in the Jack Listens customer survey at will only take 5-10 minutes and at the end of it you not only provide valuable feedback to the company you also receive 2 free tacos to enjoy with your next purchase.

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