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Create and Access My Dish Red Lobster Account

My Dish Red Lobster is designed for employees of Darden restaurants. It is a platform designed for them to be able to access things like job responsibilities, request days off, view news for the restaurant, find out upcoming birthdays for employees and access to the current work schedule.

How to Create A My Dish Red Lobster Account:

1. It is simple and easy to create an account with My Dish Red Lobster by following a few steps.
2. Head to the website http://mydish.redlobster.com.
3. Click where it says I am a New User and you will end up at the registration page.
4. Input the required information including restaurant number, identification number for the POS clock-in as well as the last four of your social security number.
5. Click on Create My ID and follow the simple instructions provided.


Accessing My Dish Red Lobster:

1. Be sure that your web browser is set to accept cookies by following these steps.
2. From your web browser, click Internet Options under Tools, then select Security.
3. You will then click Trusted Sites and click Sites.
4. Uncheck the box at the bottom that says Require Server Verification for all Sites in this Zone, if it is checked.
5. In the area to add a website, enter the website and then click Add and Ok.
6. Click Privacy and then Advanced.
7. The box that says Override Automatic Cookie Handling should be checked.
8. For the categories First Party Cookies and Third Party Cookies, both should say Accept.
9. Ensure that Always Allow Session Cookies box is checked and click Ok.
10. Click Ok once again which will allow you to exit out of the windows for Internet Options.
11. You can then go back and enter the site by entering the website address into the browser window.