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How To View Your Red Light Violation Video Online

If you have received a red light violation as a driver of a motor vehicle you can now view the video of the violation online at www.photonotice.com. The service offered by Photo Notice is safe, secure and very private.


About Photo Notice


Red Light Violation Video offers an online viewing service for drivers who have received a traffic ticket for running a red light. You can view this video by entering the information provided on the traffic citation.

When you watch you red light violation video you will be able to see the details of the offense and if it was actually your vehicle that committed the offense. This is very good for people who have been given a citation incorrectly as they will be able to make a complaint and have the citation revoked if it is not their vehicle in the video. Online viewing can be done from any computer that has internet access anywhere and at anytime.


You will need:


  • A computer with internet access.
  • A copy of the printed traffic citation.




  • Type the following URL into your web browser www.photonotice.com.
  • Enter the citation number as well as ythe license plate number and the city into the online form. Then press ‘Login’.
  • You will then need to follow the online instructions to view your red light violation video.
  • If you need help or have any questions, there is a FAQ page after you have logged in.


Go to www.photonotice.com if you have received a red light violation. You will be able to view the video footage of the incident and confirm that the vehicle is your vehicle and then pay the fine.