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How To Activate A Walmart MoneyCard

A Walmart MoneyCard is a pre-paid Visa card that requires no credit checks or complicated application forms. You simply load the card with cash and you are then free to use that card anywhere as you would a normal Visa card. You can make ATM withdrawals, buy products at retail outlets and purchase items or services over the internet. You can also pay your bills online or over the telephone with a Walmart MoneyCard. If you require help activating your www.walmartmoneycard.com/activate account, simply follow the instructions given below.


About Walmart


Walmart is an enormous discount department store with chains all across the United States and overseas. It was founded in 1962 by Sam Walton and now boasts more than 9,700 stores globally making it the worlds largest retailer.

Once you have activated your Walmart MoneyCard and loaded it up with cash you will be able to use it very conveniently at any location where you see the Visa logo is accepted. It is considered to be much safer to carry a Walmart MoneyCard over cash as it is more difficult to steal the funds from the card than it is to steal cash. You can also put your TurboTax refund on your Walmart MoneyCard if you happened to purchase one from a Walmart store.


How To Activate A Walmart MoneyCard


To commence, you will require the following items:

1. A computer or laptop with internet access.
2. A Walmart MoneyCard.
3. Your Social Security number.




1. Type the following URL into your web browser www.walmartmoneycard.com/activate.
2. Enter the 16 digit number on the front of the card, then the expiration date and then the 3 digit security number.
3. Then you are required to enter the last 4 digits of your social security number.
4. In the next step you need to select a 4 digit pin (this should never be shared with anyone).
5. Enter the random numbers in the spam check box and click ‘Next’.
6. You will then be asked to confirm your details and once you have done that your Walmart MoneyCard should be activated and ready for use.


If you encounter any difficulties and require help visit the following Walmart Help pages at http://www.walmartmoneycard.com/activate.

The Walmart MoneyCard is ideal for people who don’t have a bank account with Visa access or own a Credit Card due to wanting to avoid having to undergo a credit check. This Visa card is the ideal alternative and very convenient to use.


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