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Get a Free Gas Card For An Entire Year From Phillips 66

Phillips 66 is offering an online questionnaire in order to find out what your satisfaction level is regarding customer service and products they offer. They will only use this information for the purpose of evaluating their services and products used by customers like yourself. You can go to: www.gasvisit.com, to take the survey at your convenience.

By participating in their survey, you are catching the ears of the people who make a difference at Phillips 66. They want your honest opinion, not what you might think they want to hear. If there is a problem with a product, or you have experienced poor customer service, they want to know! If you have experienced great customer service and love their products, they want to know that as well!

After you have completed their survey, you really are going to want to take this opportunity to enter their sweepstakes. They are offering a Grand Prize of an Entire Year of Free Gas! A Gas Card for $750, Two Gas Cards for $500. Three Gas Cards for $250 and Ten Gas Cards for $100 each. That is one heck of a sweepstakes!

With the cost of fuel these days, who couldn’t use one of these excellent prizes!

Am I Qualified to take the Phillips 66 Survey?

Here’s All You Need:

1. You must have a computer with an active Internet Connection
2. Be able to read English
3. You will need some information from the latest receipt you received from the Phillips 66 Store


How To Take The Survey:

1. Go To: www.gasvisit.com.

2. Read up on their Privacy Policy, Contest Rules and other great information on this page. Then Click on the Start Button to move ahead.

3. Enter the Zip Code of the Station you Last Visited. This information is on your recent receipt. If you can’t find it, there is an example on the left hand side, highlighted in red. There is also a search area to help you out.

4. Click when you are ready to move to the next screen

5. Enter the Time and Date of your Visit to the Station from your Receipt

6. You will then move to the survey page. Answer all questions honestly and to the best of your ability. There is no rush, so take your time.

7. There are two or three questions per page. Click “Next” when you are ready to move to the next set of questions.

8. Once you have completed the entire questionnaire, you will be able to enter the Sweepstakes by entering your contact information. Should you not wish to enter the Sweepstakes, just leave the site by closing your browser.


To Take The Survey, Go To: www.gasvisit.com.

The Sweepstakes Prizes:

(1) Grand Prize Winner: One Free Gas Card for an Entire Year

(1) Gas Card For: $750

(2) Gas Cards For: $500

(3) Gas Cards For: $250

(10) Gas Cards For: $100

Now is your opportunity to let the people at Phillips 66 know what you think of their product line as well as the customer service. At the same time, you could walk off with a gas card worth anywhere from $100 to a grand prize of Free Gas For a Year!